Unimasters Logistics are the next group of companies who has implemented NetSuite in Bulgaria and Romania. Unimasters are leaders in the field of transportation of goods by air, road and ocean, logistics in the field of the shipping business, and warehouse and port operations. For the period between its establishment before almost 30 years ago, the subsidiaries of Unimasters in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary have been recognized as preferred partner by its customers. The Unimasters’ team offers innovative services of highest quality and professionalism. The companies are performing their logistics services in more than 175 countries across the Globe. More about Unimasters

How it all started:
The beginning was made in mid 2017 when the Unimaster’s team contacted us to understand more for NetSuite and its possibilities as global, 100% cloud ERP system as well as for us – as NetSuite partner and implementation company.

They were looking for a modern hi-tech system which to allow them to integrate as many as possible from their business processes in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary and through integration with several operating systems, to become the main billing system of Unimasters. The purpose was one integrated finance&accounting software, which will compile data from several disparate systems but will also allow some of the processes to happen within NetSuite directly.

Several months after the first call, the decision was made and the two teams of BTS One and Unimstares started the work for the system implementation so that there would be a Go-live on 1st of Jan 2018. The goal was achieved in 5 months. In 2018, the work for optimization of some processes continued.

Scope of the project for implementation of NetSuite in Bulgaria and Romania:

  • Finance& Accounting
  • Bulgarian VAT reporting (Record to report, Bulgaria VAT localisation)
  • Romania VAT reporting (Record to report, Romania VAT localisation)
  • Purchase processes – Purchase orders, Receipts, Accounts Payables and Payment (Procure to Pay)
  • Sales processes – Sales orders and Fulfilments, Accounts Receivables management and Customer payments (Order to Cash)
  • Multi-warehouse inventory, Inventory Mangement (Design to Build)
  • Management and accounting for Fixed Assets (FA Management)
  • Dunning module – collection and Accounts Receivables management
  • CRM functionailities

Benefits from the implementation:

  • Incorporating in one system of data from multiple operating systems – improved visibility, better analysis and reporting
  • Integration of processes from several systems into one global software – billing processes and collection of accounts receivables
  • Automation of billing processes.
  • Automation of the processes related to deferred expenses recognition as well as processes related to re-invoicing of expenses to customer.
  • Consolidated results in real time.
Unimasters Logistics
Unimasters Logistics