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Why NetSuite
Oracle NetSuite ERP software is

Online service that enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system.

Why NetSuite

NetSuite ERP are a global web-based software supplier head quartered in Austin, Texas, United States The NetSuite application is a powerful software solution which delivers exceptional ERP, CRM, PSA and E-commerce capabilities.

As a world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software, trusted by more than 32 000 organizations, NetSuite ERP CRM helps companies improve their business processes with a single, fully integrated system.

NetSuite ERP has won more than 90 awards from industry groups for its products, innovation, leadership and corporate culture.

The service involves no hardware, no large and upfront license fee, no maintenance fees associated with hardware or software, and no complex set ups.
- all your financial and CRM data is in one single database, allowing you to review your key performance metrics, standard or customized, on real-time dashboard. Oracle NetSuite allows you to make better and faster decisions for your business. Oracle NetSuite has native Business intelligence tools built within the system.
- Automates your processes from front office and back office and unifies a fragmented data – all processes are conducted within a single application, that combines customer-facing CRM and Ecommerce capabilities with back-office (Accounting/ERP) and self-service portals for customers, vendors, partners.
- With Oracle NetSuite you can automate and standardize key business functions across all departments. There will be no need of re-entering data in different systems, rectifying inconsistent or inaccurate data, or waiting for batch updates. All users will view and share the data in real time, departments will interact with each other much more efficiently, while the productivity across the business increases.
- You can adapt the system to better meet your needs – NetSuite is customizable. With Point-and-Click Customization (which doesn’t require coding and programming) you can add any missing attributes to your data records or even create new record types within the system. Other, more advanced customization with industry standard tools allows you to further develop your business practices and processes within the system to meet your company and industry requirements. The customization carries forward seamlessly with the system upgrades, so you can highly customize NetSuite and use it as your unique, one-of-a-kind software application that is built specifically to meet your business needs.
Companies use Oracle NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
Many companies around the world are turning to the cloud for delivery of their business system to lower their operating costs and strengthen their competitive advantage.

What is included

The #1 Cloud ERP, NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of more than 32 000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories. Some of capabilities which are included:
- ERP – Oracle NetSuite ERP runs all of your key financial business processes in the cloud: accounting, inventory, supply chain and order management.
- Customer relationship management (CRM) – Oracle NetSuite is the only on-demand CRM system that gives you a true 360-degree view of your customers.
- Professional services automation (PSA) – NetSuite PSA helps you accurately plan, track and execute projects.
- E-commerce – Unify every step of your web store from point of sale and order management to marketing, merchandising, inventory, financials and support.
- Warehouse and Distribution – Oracle NetSuite Wholesale Distribution is a single, flexible business application that integrates customer-facing sales force automation, marketing, and customer service processes with back-office inventory management, fulfillment, and accounting processes.