BTS has implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP in SellMark.

SellMark OOD – the Bulgarian subsidiary of Sellmark Corporation, USA.

The company is established in 2016 and represents the European hub of Sellmark Corporation, covering the EMEA region. Its business activity is B2B sale of hunting and outdoor devices such as products for night vision, laser sights, boresights, thermal scopes, tactical scopes, the best red dot sights, first aid kits, AR scopes, and camping equipment. More about SellMark Bulgaria

The Beginning:

It all started in the middle of 2018, when we first met Greg Sharp – the manager of SellMark.Although the company was established only 2 years before that, Greg had realized the need of implementing an ERP system, that could integrate all processes of the business. Back then, the company was using several disparate software systems, each of which was responsible for a different area of the business and was creating a separate not integrated to each other database of records – this was making difficult the daily processes plus was a problem for the reporting. In NetSuite, Sellmark OOD saw the possibility to integrate and manage all their processes in one ERP&CRM system and also – to have these results literally in real time. NetSuite was also the software chosen long before that by the Sellmark’s parent company in USA.

Scope of the project for Implementation of Oracle NetSuite ERP in SalleMark  :

  • Finance& Accounting (Record to report)
  • Bulgarian VAT reporting (NetSuite Bulgarian VAT localization)
  • Purchase processes – Purchase orders, Receipts, Accounts Payables and Payment (Procure to Pay)
  • Sales processes – Sales orders and Fulfilments, Accounts Receivables management and Customer payments (Order to Cash)
  • Multi-warehouse inventory, Inventory Management (Design to Build)
  • Various functionalities related to CRM processes.

Benefits from the implementation of NetSuite:

  • Compilation of all processes and data in one system from multiple disparate systems – including Accounting, CRM and Sales force automation – increased visibility, better analysis and reporting.
  • Operating and Financial results from the activity in real time.
  • Possibility for a future equalization of the processes in the Bulgarian entity Sellmark to the processes of the big corporation – the parent company Sellmark in US.