Aquatec Ltd has successfully implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP. Aquatec is a Bulgarian company founded in 1994. The company is a leader in the design and construction of large and small swimming pools. They are also leaders in design and construction of water parks and large water-attraction complexes, so Aquatec offers complete solutions for the equipment of public buildings and hotels, saunas and installation and equipment of SPA centers.

The company has over 3000 successfully realized projects in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, UAE and other countries around the world.

Aquatec Ltd. is headquartered in Varna, with offices and stores in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Bucharest. More about Aquatec

The start was made by the manager of Aquatec Ltd. – Mr. Dimitar Valev – representative of the young generation of managers of family businesses, with a modern vision for business development and management. He and the team of Aquatec had realized the need to implement a modern ERP system that would cover all of Aquatec’s processes and enable them to manage their business with full and available at real-time information that would allow them to make the right decisions. By the end of 2019 the company used several different software solutions for various processes. The day-to-day processes were performed in different systems, which led to reporting difficulties because the management was missing the complete picture for the business. In the Oracle NetSuite ERP application, Aquatec saw the opportunity to manage all of their business processes in one and the same, integrated, providing real-time information, ERP system.

Scope of the NetSuite ERP implementation project at Aquatec Ltd.

  • Finance and Accounting (Record to Report).
  • Implementation of a localization package for Bulgaria – VAT reports.
  • Integration with Bulgarian National Bank and other features.
  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management (Design to Build)
  • Supply Chain Management – Purchase orders, Receipts, Accounts Payables and Payment (Procure to Pay, Electronic Bank Payments)
  • Processes for: Identification of potential client and business opportunities. Creation of offers for construction of swimming pools, SPA centers, saunas, water attractions. Conversion to order and commitment of inventory for each of the different stages of construction of the site (Lead to Order).
  • Management of sales processes. B2C and B2B sales from the moment of order creation by the customer to billing process and collection of receivables (Order to Cash).
  • Project Management
  • Various functionalities related to CRM processes.
  • Fixed Assets Management

Benefits from the implementation of NetSuite

  • Integration the data from several separate systems into one system. Optimization of processes and activities including: Accounting, CRM, Offering, Supply Chain Management, Sales processes. Improving analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Operational and Financial results from the activities in real time.