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Chaos is a world leader in 3D visualization technology. 

They create intuitive and powerful workflows for architects, artists, and designers in any industry. Their research and development is leading the way towards a truly comprehensive end-to-end visualization ecosystem to meet the evolving needs of the customers.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Chaos is now one of the largest global 3D visualization companies, with more than 700 employees and offices worldwide. 

In 2017 one of Chaos Group’s products won a Sci-Tech Academy Award

In mid-2022, Chaos Group decided to implement Oracle NetSuite ERP in their organization. After the start of the project, we BTS One were contacted by the implementation team of Chaos – as a localization partner for Bulgaria, approved by Oracle NetSuite.

In the beginning, the project was supposed to deliver the implementation of the NetSuite localization for Bulgaria developed by us, BTS One. During the project duration, the two teams established a good collaboration, and BTS One provided additional ad hoc’ support services, including. PS consulting, data migration, etc.